The role of nutrition in facial rejuvenation

Role of nutrition’s in skin rejuvenation of green tea in repairing of skin wrinkles


Green tea extract is studies as an antioxidant for many years.It could be a good protective as a cream and topical application and reduce the skin redness and DNA damage from sun light, however it can prevent the collagen degradation as well.




Role of lycopene in skin wrinkles

Lycopene is a carotenoid that can be found in fruits and vegetable such as tomato, watermelon, red grape and apricot and induces their red to yellow color.Reduction of lycopene can aggravate the sunlight skin damage.A few evidence indicates   the role of lycopene as a topical application and emphasize the oral intake yet, lycopene as a dermatological products like eye cream and sunscreens moisturizers is being used.



role of grape seed

The extract of grape seed is rich in polyphenol ice proanthocyancidins. This substance is in berry family fruits like strawberry, cranberry and as well as in dank tea, red cabbage.Topical application of this product can protect the skin from sunlight and its preventive role might be more than vitamin E, C.