F.A.Q :

  • Question: How you'll be able to find a qualified plastic surgeon?
  • Answer:The best way to find is checking the Iranian Society of Plastic Surgeons website. You should find a doctor who is a member of Iranian Society of Plastic Surgeons.
  • Q:What type of anesthesia used in surgery local anesthesia or general anesthesia?
  • A:Both local anesthesia and general anesthesia can be used while performing the surgery depending on the type of surgery.

Breast Surgery:

  • Q:Does breast implant cause cancer or not?
  • A:No, that's not right. All breast implants are approved by FDA and they don't have any cancer risk.
  • Q:Having a breast implant can have impact on breastfeeding?
  • A:No. Having breast implant won't have any impact on breastfeeding especially when it places under the muscle.
  • Q:Is Breast Surgery painful or not?
  • A:In all breast surgeries we uses special PCA pump that will ease any pain after the surgery. Considering using this PCA pump, the Breast surgery will be pain free. Therefore we don't see even the slightest pain after the surgery.
  • Q:In performing Breast reduction what type of incisions will be used?
  • A:Usually an incision around the areola and a vertical incision is used and less than transverse incisions are used.


  • Q:Does Liposuction has the risk of death associated with fat embolism or not?
  • A:Injection OF TUMSCENT can decrease the risk of fat emboli to 1 per cent to 100 thousand has decreased especially in these methods and the risk is almost near zero.
  • Q:How many ways of liposuction are?
  • A:
  1. conventional method is simple. In this method first injection is done and then suction is done.
  2. UltraSonic method: in this method for the ultrasonic waves as fat can be used in this way is minimal bruising and pain.
  3. Laser method: in his method laser waves with specific wavelengths used, but this method may not apply to large suction and is limited to specific regions.

Face Lift:

  • Q:Who are the appropriate patients for face Lift?
  • A:all patients over 35 are suitable candidates for this operation. The surgical fine incisions in the ear and the hair is done. Scars very subtle in most cases is not visible. In this way, nasolabial line and the jowls are and laxity of the skin under the chin area is removed.

Nose Surgery :

  • Q:Does plastic surgery nose mortality risk is associated with?
  • A: totally the surgical technique has its own risks but the risks of anesthesia selection method reaches a minimum.
  • Q: What methods are used in rhinoplasty surgery?
  • A: There are two types .1- closed ,in this type of surgery.incisions will be done inside the nose. Closed method is with less inflamation. but long-term results of such methods is not like open method.2- In open method,incisions will be done in base of nose(collumela).the long term results is usually better than closed method. In new methods bruising will be minimized.but bruising is apparent in both methods.